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Passchendaele written and directed by Paul Gross, is a story of passion, courage and dedication set during the height of the First World War The film shows the heroism of those that fought in battle, and of those that loved them. Passchendaele will open in theatres nationwide October 17, 2008.

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Great War Letters Contest

Top Ten Winners:

Shobha Mehta (Grand Prize Winner), Age 15
Holy Trinity School
Unionville, ON
English | French

Aaron Dhillon, Age 17
Shaftsbury H.S.
Winnipeg, MB
English | French

Marie-Andree Pepin, Age 16
École Secondaire De Mortagne
St. Julie, PQ
English | French

Jesse Vanderberg, Age 17
Calvin Christian School
Diamond City, AB
English | French

Breane Bos
Calvin Christian School
Diamond City, AB
English | French

Delia McTaggert, Age 16
I.E. Weldon Secon School
Lindsay, ON
English | French

Megan Solberg, Age 17
Lumsden High School
Craven, SK
English | French

Kayla McCutchen, Age 17
Melville Comprehensive School
Melville, SK
English | French

Catherine Maritan, Age 15
All Saints High School
Kanata, ON
English | French

Cassidy Cameron, Age 15
Blenheim District H.S.
Blenheim, ON
English | French

It is called the Great War and The War to End All Wars. Canada lost more than 60,000 brave men and women. They all had a story. Their story is our story.

The Dominion Institute, Canwest, Alliance Films and the makers of the new movie, Passchendaele, invite young Canadians between the ages of 14-18 to imagine what it was like to serve in the First World War and pen a letter as if it were written during the conflict. English PDF - French PDF

Letters will be judged by a jury of well known Canadians. Click here.

First place winner will tour the Passchendaele battlefields in Belgium courtesy of New Wave Travel and Butterfield & Robinson. Other prizes courtesy of courtesy of Coteau Books, Harper Collins and Alliance Films.

Contest opens September 8, 2008

Contest Deadline October 24, 2008

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Passchendaele "In the Classroom"

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