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"We the undersigned feel enormous gratitude for the sacrifice made by all the Canadian Armed Forces through the ages in defence of this country and its values; acknowledge the very special nature of the sacrifice made by those who fought in the First World War in appalling conditions and with terrible loss of life; note that only three First World War veterans remain; and urge the Prime Minister that their sacrifice, and all of those they served with under arms from 1914-1918, be celebrated by offering a state funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada."

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Andrew Lucas Waterloo ON
Desmond McNally Niagara-on-the-Lake ON It is only right and proper that a State Funeral should mark the passing of the last WW1 veteran.
Richard Juneau St-Georges QC It is the right thing to do
Virginia Devlin Orillia ON
Janet Caulfeild Etobicoke ON We need to do better. We do not honour our veterans enough. When I think of what they did, there is no way we can repay them, but at least we can do something by honouring them & honour them more than we do now. A state funeral is quite appropriate for the last war veteran, whomever it may be.
David MORRIS Moncton NB
Marjorie Hartling Brockville ON Too long has the immense sacrifice of Canadians who contributed so much to the building of the Canada we're so proud of today - the least you can do is NOT politicize the process - just give them the honor they deserve.
greg hudson ottawa ON
Aline M. Betts Edmonton AB There should be a state funeral for the last World War 1 Veteran
Gayle Mitchell St. Catharines ON I like this idea. I hope you reach 1/2 million sigs by Rememberance Day.
Margaret Roosemalen Goderich PE I truly believe the government should show the greatest respect to our WW1 veterns by giving them state funerals.
Peter Douglass Dartmouth NS You are doing the right and proper thing!
Brett Overbaugh Guelph ON
Marcella Greenwood Delta BC
Dorothy Bacchiochi Oakville ON
Richard Scott North Delta BC Honour our vets as they should be honoured.
Antoine Huss Ottawa ON
Paul Marek Saskatoon SK
tom mchale redcliff AB
Paul St. John Kingston ON
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