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"We the undersigned feel enormous gratitude for the sacrifice made by all the Canadian Armed Forces through the ages in defence of this country and its values; acknowledge the very special nature of the sacrifice made by those who fought in the First World War in appalling conditions and with terrible loss of life; note that only three First World War veterans remain; and urge the Prime Minister that their sacrifice, and all of those they served with under arms from 1914-1918, be celebrated by offering a state funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada."

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Gina Patterson Halifax NS Very important to show our respect and thanks for what they did.
David Antonison Cambridge ON
Faye Labatte Hamilton ON This is the very least we can do for these veterns of war.
Eva E Marshall Hamilton ON
Gary Lamb Montreal QC
Richard G. M. Hopper Scarborough ON I.support this 100%. ANY veteran is more worthyof a state funeral than any polotician!
D.Brent Rochemont calgary AB
George Regan Aylmer QC As the grandson of a WW1 veteran and someone who holds a degree in Candian history, this strikes a special resonance with me. The funeral is not for the man per se but for what he represents. This would honour ALL those who fought in the Great War and hopefully remind the rest of us of it's importance in canadian and indeed 20th century hisry. Shame on Canadians for having allowed it to fall by t
Peter McCabe Verdun QC
Carl Schouls Chatham ON I am a 63 year old Dutch born Canadian. Our family immigrated to Canada in 1954. Need I say more?
Leah Evanoff Victoria BC Dear Mr. Prime Minister, this country which you govern exists in large part because of the sacrifice these men made to defend it. Please acknowledge this sacrific and our gratitude as citizens of this wonderful country by providing these men with state funerals. For what they have done and achieved it really is a fitting tribute and a lasting thank you. -Leah Evanoff
Kevin Holman Windsor ON I am proud of my dad for his part in WWII and of my grandfather for his in WW1 and the fact that because of their sacrafice my son will not have say the same about me. This is the least we can do.
Robert Campbell Barrie ON
Brenda Swenor Markham ON A national funeral should be held commemorating the death of the last WW1 veteran! What an end to selfless service for our country and freedom.
John Cameron Ajax ON
Bob Futrell Brandon MB It would be criminal not to honour our last WW1 Veteran in this manner. Compare:all a Prime Minister has to do is get elected. All a veteran has to do is survive mentally and physically.
Sara Duncan Sarnia ON I think this would be very important for the youth of our country, but also feel that the institue should make it there goal to see that more information on Canadians who have made such a difference to our country is taught in our schools. eg: Canadian History.
Louise Vaux Orleans ON
Teresa Bowes Shilo MB
Justine Villeneuve Ottawa ON We cannot forget. The stories and lessons of the past must be shared with current and future generations. A state funeral would be both a way to honour the sacrifices of all those who fought in the Great War, but also a way to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain, and that their experience live on, and are not repeated.
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