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"We the undersigned feel enormous gratitude for the sacrifice made by all the Canadian Armed Forces through the ages in defence of this country and its values; acknowledge the very special nature of the sacrifice made by those who fought in the First World War in appalling conditions and with terrible loss of life; note that only three First World War veterans remain; and urge the Prime Minister that their sacrifice, and all of those they served with under arms from 1914-1918, be celebrated by offering a state funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada."

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John Stevenson Toronto, ON Why does this tribute have to rely on a petition?
Chris Konski Sherwood Park AB This would be the least we can do to honour them emories of those who served our country.
Lori Whiteford Hamilton ON
susan snelgrove Dundalk ON
Kimberley Coady Toronto ON I think that offering a state funeral to the last veteran of WWI would wonderful. Although this would take place at the funeral of the last WWI, it would be an honour to all war veterans.
Kim Corrigal Winnipeg MB
kathy jensen brantford ON
Brent Scott Bowden AB Our debt to them can never be repaid.
Elizabeth Murphy Kanata ON As the number of Veterans pass away, it becomes more and more difficult for young people to relate to the sacrifices made by these men and women. It is important that we take the opportunity to honour these people.
Richard Sharpe Windsor ON I think this is a great idea, we should never forget the sacrifices these soldiers made during the Great War.
Debra Inrig-Bouer Clarence-Rockland ON
Doreen Magerman Tottenham ON This is a fitting tribute to represent those who have died for Canada
Lesley Stone Duncan BC We have never honored the veterans enough, this seems like just a small measure of our gratitude.
Bryce Mansfield LaSalle QC My great-great-uncle passed away in 1997 (age 102)-a veteran of the Great War. Sitting at his feet and listening to his stories, I am convinced that we will never see their kind again. We must acknowledge that.
Marjorie Lynne Jaunzemis Hamilton ON Yes I feel this would be done to hounor all the men and women in the arm forces who gave so that our great country could remain free..
Jennifer Rule Hamilton ON
Jerry Tice Napanee ON
Garym McDonald Hannon ON
Ann Cumbers Etobicoke ON This is a marvelous idea and is so very appropriate!
Linda Gravelle Gatineau QC I really believe that the last war veteran of the First World War should have a state funeral because he fought along with all the others to save our country and to save us. It's the least we can do as a country.
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