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"We the undersigned feel enormous gratitude for the sacrifice made by all the Canadian Armed Forces through the ages in defence of this country and its values; acknowledge the very special nature of the sacrifice made by those who fought in the First World War in appalling conditions and with terrible loss of life; note that only three First World War veterans remain; and urge the Prime Minister that their sacrifice, and all of those they served with under arms from 1914-1918, be celebrated by offering a state funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada."

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Kevin Gaudet-Trahan Calgary AB
Carolyn Larocque Saskatoon SK
Leslie Chandler Ottawa ON
Marian MacKinnon Kamloops BC I don't believe in war, and strongly believe that we must find peaceful ways to resolve differences. War in the modern world seems to be more about greed than saving ones' country. We are now a global society and need to protect the poor and needy rather than go to war. However, in the time that these men fought, they were giving their lives to protect our freedom, and they do deserve to be rememb
Mchaeli Laufman Hamilton ON This is a must as we do not do enough for our war vets that served to ensure a safe life for our future.
Dianna V. Cameron Kimgston ON
connie anguttitauruq lloydminster SK
yiming wei North Bay ON we owe our country to the veterans, i hope this will never be forgotten
Wesley Chartrand Whitby ON I believe that all World War 1 veterans should be remembered for the bravery in over sea operations and I am greatly thankful for what they did during those times.
Laurie-Ann Leblanc Welland ON they deserve it
Paul R. Girard St-Constant QC
Joelle Laplante Geraldton ON These men were of great service to Canada and have fought for our cause may they be honoured for this by assisting them with their funeral.
Cathy Olason Edmonton AB
Josie Mackey Prince Rupert BC
jim nicholson prince albert SK perhaps had it not been for men like this we would no have this oppertunity to even be asked to support this idea
Nick Markowsky Prince Albert SK This is a good thing to do for our vets. Mt Dad was a vet of the second world war
Julie Mallette Sudbury ON This sickens me, why should this be a issue, you`s don`t have a problem jumping up and helping all these boat people that aren`t even Canadian, Why can`t we take care of our own without question. I`m not at all predjudice, but come on WAKE UP! These last few members and all the true Canadians should receive this and much more... Merry CHRISTmas yes that`s right CHRISTmas,
Grant Armstrong Toronto ON
matthew keen and stoyles georgetown ON
Richard Royer Fort McMurray AB I would rather see money spent on people who have actually earned it through self sacrifice for the nation, rather than those in office entrusted with the nation's hard earned money that steal it for self indulgence. Lest we forget how we came to be a rich nation in the first place.
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